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BounceBack Rehab

BounceBack Rehab is committed to providing the highest level of service, delivering our clients back to work and independence safely and sustainably.

The BounceBack Rehab team brings unrivalled clinical and occupational expertise to Taranaki with 115 of local and internal experience between our six clinicians.

At BounceBack Rehab we strive for excellence in all aspects of our service. Our highly experienced team are used to making the extra effort to ensure that our clients are provided with the best plans, treatment and support to ensure a timely return to function.

We have an extensive range of contacts with employers within Taranaki that range from the very biggest of the multi-nationals within the energy and agricultural sectors, down to small businesses with only a handful of employees.

Our keyworkers are highly experienced in negotiating plans that meet the needs of clients, employers and case manager. If those plans should go awry then we can rapidly adapt to the change in circumstance.

Our rehabilitation team provides outstanding bespoke functional rehabilitation programs from our dedicated premises situated in the heart of New Plymouth. Our gym, clinics and offices are designed to allow clients, therapist and keyworkers easy access to each other in a friendly and modern environment.

We cover the entire Taranaki region and as well as out new Plymouth rooms we have a weekly clinic based out of the TSB Hub in Hawera to meet the needs of our South Taranaki clients.

Our close relationship with BounceBack physiotherapy allows a seamless transition for those clients who move beyond the acute stage and require more intensive rehabilitation and support.

BounceBack Rehab LTD, working as the sole provider to Proactive in Taranaki, holds the following ACC contracts.

  • Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Pain Management
  • Training for independence
  • Social Rehab needs assessment


As the sole licensed providers in Taranaki for Proactive, we have access to their extensive resources, experts and support. Using Skype and Zoom platforms we have regular communications with Vocational, Pain and social rehab national service managers to keep up to date with the latest news and contract changes. We work closely with Proactive to monitor our performance as we strive for excellence.

Alpha Consultants

We work closely with the team at Alpha Consultants to ensure that any clients on a Back to work program are fully prepared to bounce back into employment.

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